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Business has an unavoidable dependency on enterprise IT solutions

Companies face increasing demands in managing the availability of complex data centre environments. A difficult enough challenge whilst striving to become more efficient and reduce operational expenditure, even without the added burden of multiple service providers, all with a variety of service levels, contracts and processes. It is often difficult to find the right balance.


By reducing your overhead in vendor management, more time is available to be used on other more productive work streams. Our solution offers a multi-vendor technical and logistics capability delivering a cost-effective solution, rather than having the expense of dedicated teams specific to each manufacturer's equipment. Our knowledge and experience of part failure and usage rates helps us to control costs by ensuring that we keep the right part, in the right quantity, in the right location.

Datacentre Support

data centre engineer troubleshooting

ACCIVA understands that downtime has a critical effect on your business, which is why our infrastructure support services are geared to resolve hardware issues before they result in complete failure.


Our experience gives us an insight into what is likely to fail and the steps we need to take to prevent this happening, or to reduce the impact on your business if it should.


As a specialist independent IT services company, we supply and support most manufacturers’ products. IBM, HP, Oracle, Dell, Cisco and Brocade ... the list goes on.

IT Product Sales and Rental

IBM mainframe installation

We have been supplying hardware products to a wide and varied client portfolio for over 30 years and base our success on the ability to meet our clients’ needs with a quality of service, expert advice and cost effective solutions unsurpassed by many of our competitors.

Our service gives you choice, flexibility and, of course, the opportunity to keep your investment in IT hardware to a minimum. With our OEM independent knowledge and vast industry experience, we are ideally placed to help you source your equipment at the best possible price point.

Asset Recovery and Disposal

computer equipment recycling

At ACCIVA we actively encourage re-use rather than de-manufacture or disposal. This is the best form of recycling, we are able to keep IT products away from landfill and return some value to our clients at the same time. You can rely on us to minimise any risk by managing all security and environmental issues.

Asset recovery and disposal services from ACCIVA offer businesses the opportunity to pass on excess or outdated technology with the potential to return value to your IT budget. Alternatively, why not speak to us about possible upgrade paths for your equipment

Data Wiping and Media Destruction

disk degaussing and data wiping

All businesses are seen as data controllers and have a duty to ensure that data is suitably protected and this is particularly important when disposing of computer equipment and the recycling or disposal of data storage media.


There are numerous options, although our preferred method is overwriting the drives by completely erasing the data so the drives can be reused. However, we understand that this might not suit all businesses so physically destruction might be the only option to conform.

Overwriting essentially means erasing the drives and using a CESG Infosec 5 approved erasure application like Blancco is essential to meet the security standards required in today's world. You will be provided with a full audit trail and certification for each and every drive. However, you still need a procedure for drives that fail the wiping process and only physical destruction will ensure complete data removal.

Relocation Services

engineers moving disk drives and servers

ACCIVA provides a wide range of business relocation and computer logistic services that can be tailored to your individual requirements. 


When considering moving your most important IT assets, you'll want to be safe in the knowledge that you are talking to someone with the right level of data centre knowledge. We at Acciva have been providing support to clients with data centre environments for over 30 years and, whether you are considering a project for one individual platform or several data centres, you can rest assured that we'll have handled something similar in the past.

We recognise that continuity of your IT services is paramount and the pressure is on all IT managers to provide zero downtime. If you have a very narrow window or none at all, we can provide you with "swing kit” to bridge the gap. Talk to us about short term rental solutions 

Complementary Services

engineer providing services final piece of th puzzle

Complementarycombining in such a way as to enhance or emphasise the qualities of each other or another.


At ACCIVA we strive to provide our clients with a totally end-to-end service that's tailored to fit.


This often means that we will not necessarily have the skills at hand but we do have vast industry knowledge and long term relationships that will provide the best suited resources to fulfil your needs.


So, please get in touch if you need:

  • Storage and server upgrades

  • Hardware and software audits

  • Infrastructure cabling

  • Network design or installation

  • Hardware or software roll-outs

  • Disaster recovery or continuity services

  • Business moves

Providing a Complete Portfolio of IT Solutions
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